Spring Break 2011

So everyone knows that spring break is right around the corner, right? What are your plans? Panama City Beach, Miami, Vegas, or maybe even a Caribbean cruise. According to Student City, the #1 Spring break destinations in 2011 is Las Vegas, NV.  My guess is the fact that this year MTV will be hosting MTV’s Spring Break there, the week of March 6-11. The event will include things like MTV concerts & celebrity pool parties. Who can forget the remarkable Palms Resort and Casino, if you every watched MTV’s The Real World Las Vegas you know what I’m talking about.

Here are my top website choices to find great Spring Break deals/info. Student City and Spring Break Headquarters. On these websites you can book flights, find great hotel deals, and check this out you can even find out where all of the hottest parties are and even buy DISCOUNT tickets to them. Oh don’t let me forget, you can even look up which schools go on Spring Break the same week as you! So if you are stuck on where to go for Spring Break just hit up one of these websites and I’m sure you will figure something out. And if Vegas comes in mind, just remember “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!”



  1. swanson8 Said:

    I would love to go to Las Vegas because I have never been and it seems as if it would be extremely fun. It would be awesome to have other friends that go to different schools that you went to high school with and havent seen them. Cool!

  2. dboarden Said:

    I have been to Vegas a few times and it is amazing. I have been as an adult and as a minor, of course it was much more fun as an adult but none the less it is a great place to go, and it would be a great place to go for spring break.

  3. darielward Said:

    Im in the process of making plans for spring break right now. I never considered Las Vegas because Im not 21 yet, but it does seem like a really fun place to go for break. Too bad I’m not yet old enough to experience all it has to offer.

  4. Ngwe3Falcon Said:

    I wish I saw this post before I went on break. I spent my break in Chicago. It was cold, snowing, and raining, but i made the best of it. I stayed at a hotel downtown with some of my sorority sisters. I went back home on Monday, then left on Friday. I did a little much of clubbing and i rounded it up with the reggae party at U of I. I think I would try panama city beach next.

    PS: I just added those two websites to my laptop bookmarks.

  5. slenorak Said:

    I am super excited because I am actually going to Vegas in a few weeks. Although I do find it interesting to hear that Vegas was the most popular place for Spring break this year. It is funny how much MTV can influence individuals. MTV sets standards of what is cool and I guess Vegas is the it factor right now. Vegas although always a hot spot is usually not what most people associate Spring break with.

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